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Natural Remedy For Nasal Allergies & Chronic Sinusitis

Per Dr. Ben Lynch, most patients with chronic sinusitis or allergies that affect nasal passageways are lacking a particular species of bacteria in their nasal microbiome called Lactobacillus Sakei – a natural, protective bacteria in our nose. Lactobacillus Sakei is also used to make some fermented foods and beverages like sake and kimchi.

I came across a blog written by Mara Silgailis called Lacto Bacto, a long-time sufferer of sinus infections. The website describes a natural remedy to helping reduce and eradicate sinus issues. In general, it involves swabbing the nose with small amounts of Lanto Sinus brand probiotic powder mixed with distilled water or certain brands of kimchi juice directly into the nostrils for a period of time at the first sign of symptoms (congestion, nasal pressure, etc). The bacteria travel up the nasal passages on their own to the sinuses. Over time, sinus infections are reduced and potentially eliminated - the writer has essentially cured herself and her family of their chronic sinusitis issues, and they have not had chronic sinus infections or had to rely on antibiotics for the past nine years. Here is a link to the treatment protocol used by the Lacto Bacto blog. I’ve also seen Dr. Ben Lynch break apart probiotic capsules and sniff the probiotic powder (Seeking Health branded Probiota HistaminX) and also achieve amazing results for seasonal allergy sufferers – here is the link to Dr. Lynch’s treatment protocol for relief from nasal congestion related to seasonal allergies.

Note that this remedy is based on self-experimentation and has not been tested in clinical trials. Effects can vary and individuals must weigh their own risks when taking supplements. However, I can vouch for this natural remedy as a chronic sufferer of sinusitis in the past – this remedy is a MIRACLE for anyone with nasal allergies and chronic sinus infections. I have allergies to many different types of trees and molds and I would frequently end up with sinus infections multiple times a year that would put me in urgent care, of which antibiotics were prescribed to treat them every time – a short term fix that further disrupted my nasal microbiome and led to even more allergies and sinus infections. For the past couple years since I started using Lanto Sinus probiotic powder in my nose, I have seen my allergies and sinus infections become less frequent, to as of today becoming non-existent! I have no need for prescription or over-the-counter allergy medications, Flonase, Benadryl or antibiotics. I do not even remember the last time I had a sinus infection; thankfully it has been many years ago.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical doctor and cannot give medical advice. I am only sharing my personal experiences.


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